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Am I the first? :D

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The StumbleUpon Effect Tue, 25 Aug 2009 12:34:36 +0000 Paige There are plenty of reasons I like StumbleUpon, & this is one of them. Here’s what can happen when someone Stumbles a post.

Statcounter Graph
*Actual stats from StatCounter

If you aren’t a regular StumbleUpon user, maybe you should be.

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Inspirationail Business Playing Cards Fri, 10 Jul 2009 16:13:14 +0000 Paige Web Training Cards?

So, I’ve been doing a little copywriting for Tam over at Inspirationail and when she told me she was headed to PubCon in London I decided I couldn’t let her go empty handed.

Somehow we came up with the idea of Internet business playing cards…

Nailin’ It

Here’s the Paige Filler card, and If you want to see the rest of the deck you can find them over at Inspirationail.

Missed Out?

There are only about 100 in circulation (and 200 printed) so if you didn’t get one then you missed out on the best bussiness cards ever! according to a Mr Javier Moral. :)

Pubcon London?

As for PubCon? Tam said most of the people were cool and helpful, allowing her to learn a lot. Although those knocking her size should be careful. :D

If you are interested in attending the next Pubcon, be sure to read & leave a comment on Marketing Pilgrim’s SEM contest for a chance to win an all access pass.

Oh, and keep an eye on Inspirationail, there is some fantastic and fun viral stuff coming in the future. Lets just say it won’t be your usual crapbait.

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Pilgrim Filler – Enabling SEO Fri, 26 Jun 2009 20:08:12 +0000 Paige I just entered the 4th Annual SEM Scholarship contest from Marketing Pilgrim and threw in a couple of twists…but you’ll have to go read the competition entry to learn more.

Contest Badge

What I Can Say

In addition to their listed prizes, I’ve added a couple of my own.
1. I enlisted the help of Frank Sinton to donate some free advertising ($1000 worth to be precise) on his video megasite MeFeedia. (disclosure: Frank is a friend and a client).
2. I will be giving away $300 of copywriting (or consulting if you prefer).

All you have to do to win is leave a comment on the post (you could potentially win one part of $11K in prizes).


A list of the judges.

Many of which have taught me a thing or two.

What are you waiting for? Think of something clever to say and head on over, I hope you enjoy the article.

Good luck to all of the other competitors and a special thanks to Andy Beal for providing this opportunity. Be sure to follow Andy on twitter and keep up with progress of the contest.

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Twitter IDs for Invesp’s Most Influential Online Marketers Fri, 19 Dec 2008 14:05:35 +0000 Paige @invesp just released a list of 100 of the world’s most influential online marketers. Voted for by the online marketing community and put together by @khalidh & @ashukairy.

I noticed that the list is missing twitter id’s for everyone, so I took the liberty of collecting them into a list of my own.

100. Mike Filsaime
Marketing Dot Com

99. Kevin Lange
SMG Search

98. Sam Lawrence
Go Big Always

97. Dan Greenberg
Stanford Entrepreneur

96. Jonathan Mizel
Marketing Letter

95. Javier Barragan

94. Muhammed Saleem
Muhammed Saleem

93. David Bullock
David Bullock

92. Dawud Miracle
Dawud Miracle

91. Mack Collier
The Viral Garden

90. Mitch Joel
Twist Image

89. Nathaniel Stevens
Not found

88. Mohamed Marwen Meddah
Start Up Arabia

87. Rod Roudi
Zeta Interactive

86. Justin Palmer

85. Liz Strauss
Successful Blog

84. Brad Fallon
Free Line Report

83. Brad VanAuken
Branding Strategy Insider

82. Robert Pearson
Not found
Tattoo Bin

81. Wendy Piersall

80. Jim Turner
Social Media Marketing Mastermind

79. Doug Haslam
Doug Haslam

78. Chad Sollis
Sollis Family Chronicles

77. Kevin Hillstrom
Mine That Data

76. Alisa Leonard-Hansen

75. Greg Boser
3 Dog Media

74. Scott Monty
Scott Monty

73. Mark Earls

72. Brian Kalma
Brian Kalma

71. Alan Rimm-Kaufman
Rimm Kaufman

70. Jeff Arbour
The Hyper Factory

69. Hugh MacLeod
Gaping Void

68. Adam Ostrow

67. Bruce Clay
Bruce Clay

66. Francois Gossieaux
Emergence Marketing

65. Joel Comm
Joel Comm

64. Leo Laporte

63. Chris Baggott
Compendium Blog

62. Andy Sernovitz
Damn I Wish I’d Thought of That

61. Tamar Weinberg

60. Loren Feldman

59. Gary Vaynerchuk
Gary Vaynerchuk

58. Stephen Denny
Denny Marketing

57. Valeria Maltoni
Conversation Agent

56. Sugarrae

55. Michael Port
Michael Port

54. Vitaly Friedman
Smashing Magazine

53. Patrick Altoft

52. Kurt Peters
Not found
Internet Retailer

51. Mike Moran
Mike Moran

50. Lyndon Antcliff
Linkbait Coaching

49. Todd Malicoat

48. Michael Gray
Wolf Howl

47. Anita Campbell
Small Biz Trends

46. Rohit Bhargava
Influential Marketing Blog

45. Frank Kern
Mass Control Site

44. Stephen Spencer
Stephen Spencer

43. Steve Rubel

42. David Alston

41. Chris Garrett
Chris G

40. Aaron Brazell
Techno Sailor

39. Chris Winfield

38. Ann Handley

37. Christopher Angus

36. Dharmesh Shah
On Startups

35. Vanessa Fox
Nine By Blue

34. Jeremia Owyang
Web Strategist

33. John Jantsch
Duct Tape Marketing

32. Neil Patel
Quick Sprout

31. Danny Sullivan

30. Michael Fortin
Michael Fortin

29. David Meerman Scott
Web Ink Now

28. Matt Cutts
Matt Cutts

27. Dr. Flint McGlaughlin
Not found
Marketing Experiments

26. John Reese

25. Linda Bustos
Get Elastic

24. Brent Csutoras
Brent Csutoras

23. Andy Beal

22. Chris Brogan
Chris Brogan

21. Bryan Eisenberg

20. Geoff Ramsey

19. Ben McConnell
Church of the Customer

18. Robert Scoble

17. Chris Pirillo
Chris Pirillo

16. Richard MacManus
Read Write Web

15. Lee Odden

14. John Chow
John Chow

13. Arianna Huffington
Huffington Post

12. Jason Calacanis

11. Jeremy Schoemaker

10. Avinash Kaushik
Occam’s Razor

9. Darren Rowse

8. Jackie Huba
Church of the Customer

7. Aaron Wall

6. Pete Cashmore

5. Rand Fishkin

4. Michael Arrington

3. Brian Clark

2. Guy Kawasaki

1. Chris Hughes
@chrishughes2 Profile (must be logged in)

I have a hard time believing that some of these marketers don’t have a twitter account, if you know one that I’m missing on the list, speak up. Here are details on how the list was compiled.

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Information Based Natural Disasters – Part 2 Thu, 18 Dec 2008 14:02:51 +0000 Paige Paraphrasing what I discussed in part 1 (Information Based Natural Disasters), a lot of information phenomena can appear to act like natural disasters and it is getting stronger.

Buckle the hatches, we’re going to take a look at a few more

Information Hurricanes

Storm over the ocean
Image from ZaNiaC
Some information can be so powerful that it feeds on itself forming a hurricane. This immense force can move across the web leaving a devestated landscape in its wake. Fired up with the mob mentality and connected to millions of others, the information hurricane can be a dream for some, and for others, their worst nightmare.
What does this mean?
The savvy are now using these hurricanes to promote a cause or to expose their dirty laundry so they can make moves while the majority are preoccupied with the storm. This tactic has always been used by politicians and corporations, but the web has changed the rules.

Why is this so important?
When the tempest gets going and starts building speed, it doesn’t leave much time for considered thought. In the information frenzy many can be swept up and thrashed. Others never even find out, especially if they are not connected.

Electronic Droughts

Dry desert
Image from Ozyman
Information drought can take many forms. From lack of connection, lack of technology, lack of education, to censorship and walled gardens.

What does this mean?
Large parts of the world will remain offline or off the information grid, some will have access only to mobile devices. Some will be Many are already faced with walled gardens of information.

Information drought is and will become more prevalent. Like natural droughts, some parts of the world will be more prone to them. The determining factor will not be natural causes, but dependent on the ROI seen by large corporations and the government in those regions.

Why is this so important?
Without information it is impossible to make informed decisions, especially in emergencies. People will be at the mercy of ‘those that know‘.

Not to mention that accurate information about cultures and traditions will be lost for those without the technology to record and document them.

Black Holes

Ok, for this one we are really heading out to space. It’s not really a natural disaster, but the implications are huge.

Black Hole
Image from Science
This is not about Google or one specific company, but they provide the most powerful example.

Youtube has Millions and millions of embeds (ok, so that’s in links, but even if a fraction are embeds that is a lot for this purpose). Many people questioned Google buying youtube, I didn’t. Many question youtube’s profitability. I don’t.

What does this mean?
If Google decides to broadcast a message, it is now possible for them to control millions of sites instantly.

This alone is more powerful than any media company in existence.


Even News Corp can’t compete with the user generated beast that youtube represents. User generated does not necessarily mean user control.

Why is this so important?
Add the amount Google controls through some of its other properties (Feedburner, blogger, adsense, search, reader, analytics, connect and the rest of its services). It becomes extremely clear that should Google ever feel the need to have its own public service announcement, it will be the loudest message the planet has ever heard.

Google can become a giant black hole sucking in everything around it, should it choose to do so. And all this done at the stroke of a key (or 10 thousand)…

The machine has been using us for years and we are powerless to stop it. Let’s hope those who are controlling the machinery really do no evil and have everyone’s best intentions at heart.

The pen is now mightier than 1000 swords, but machines… they still scare me.

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32 Places to Find Images for Use Online Fri, 28 Nov 2008 13:30:28 +0000 Paige Part of being a good writer is understanding the impact images have in your work. What you write should be supported and enhanced through your choice of imagery.

Photographer reviewing images on her camera
Image source Brian Auer

So Many Image Sites

The images you select and where you choose to find them will vary depending upon their application. There are enough different types of image sites out there to find exactly what you need.
Always read the agreement and terms of use for every image you use, regardless of where you acquired it.

*All links open in a new window

Free Images

For writers on a budget, there are plenty of sites which offer their images for free use under creative commons licenses. There are several different types, but generally they require a link back from you as credit.

1. Flickr (creative commons)
Creative Commons Search

Creative Commons Search
One of the best spots to find interesting images people haven’t seen before is flickr. Use the creative commons search to find images you are allowed to use.

Should you find images you want to use that don’t fall under commons licensing on flickr, email the person who took them and ask for permission. Won’t always work, but always worth a try.

2. Stock.xchng

This site offers free uploads for blogs and websites as long as they aren’t used in any trademarks, logos or porn. The image quality varies, but on the whole there are plenty of decent pictures on Stock.xchng.

3. Webshots

This is an enormous website similar to flickr, only easier. All of their images are free to use on your website or blog. In fact, Webshots provides you with code to use, already linked back to the source for you. Not ideal for commercial blogs, but a great source of images for a beginner or personal blogger.

4. Stockvault

Stockvault offers free images for use, and don’t let that pesky black advert detract you, it only displays on the preview pages.

5. Cepolina

Cepolina is a little different than the rest, but has a selection of unique images free for use with a link back to their site. All of the images were taken and uploaded by the Cepolina family and friends.

6. Burning Well
Burning Well

Burning Well
The images found on Burning Well are public domain and can be used for any purpose (be sure to read any terms or licensing for each image).

7. Morguefile

Morguefile is an archive for post-production images. These images are free for use on the web as long as they are not re-sold, used for anything objectionable or downloaded to create another archive.

8. Free Stock Photos
Free Stock Photos

Free Stock Photos
The images on Free Stock Photos are free for use with a credit back to them, either in the image or via text link.

9. Photorack

Photorack images are free for use in both private or commercial aspects. They do not require a credit link, although they do appreciate them.

10. Photogen

Photogen has a selection of images free to use as long as they don’t violate their specific terms of use.

11. Photorogue

An interesting take on image websites, Photorogue accepts requests. Fill out a quick form requesting specific shots and they will notify their volunteer photographers. If someone can handle the request they will upload the image. There is also a gallery of previous requests but no real terms of use on the site, if you use them link to the source.

12. Freefoto

Freefoto images are free for use as long as the proper attribution is given for each image. They also offer the purchase of licenses for use of the images without attribution.

13. Free Photos Bank
Free Photos Bank

Free Photos Bank
Free Photos Bank has images for use with a source link and images uploaded by member which are individually licensed by each photographer.

14. Openphoto

An interesting collection of images, the pictures at Openphoto are submitted by members and each one is licensed individually.

15. Designpacks

Designpacks has sets of images with a common theme for download via zip file. The images are free for use as long as you aren’t selling them.

16. Free Media Goo
Free Media Goo

Free Media Goo
Free Media Goo is filled with amateur photography and free for use.

17. WP Clipart
WP Clipart

WP Clipart
WP Clipart has a huge selection of clipart free for use by all.

18. Download Free Pictures
Download Free Pictures

Download Free Pictures
Download Free Pictures has a large selection of images pre-formatted and optimized for the web. They are for non-commercial use and require a resource link back to their site.

19. Openstock Photography
Openstock Photography

Openstock Photography
Openstock Photography is part of Wikimedia Commons and is filled with images that can be used under creative commons licensing. Read the license information for each image you use.

Free, But Require Permission

These sites offer free imagery, however the images are licensed by the individual photographers and they require permission for use.

20. Woophy

A different take on image websites, Woophy has a great selection of images by some amazing photographers. The photos are the property of each individual photographer, prior to use on the web you must receive their permission. May take a little longer, but good images are hard to find.

21. Abstract Influence
Abstract Influence

Abstract Influence
Abstract Influence is a design community where people can upload images and graphic design. No terms of image use on the site, to be safe ask for permission from the photographer prior to using their images.

Royalty-Free Pay As You Go

These sites offer images you can purchase a license for. The type of license will vary by site as will price and image quality.

22. iStockphoto

One of the more popular royalty-free image sites, iStockphoto images are widely used across the web.

For smaller sizes most images are a dollar apiece, the site is easy to navigate, loads quickly and saving images to lightboxes and downloading them is virtually idiot proof.

23. Dreamstime

Similar to istock, Dreamstime has a variety of royalty-free images at reasonable prices, you can purchase a pack of credits, or subscribe monthly.

24. Absolutvision

A convenient option, Absolutvision allows you to subscribe for a day, a month or a year and download up to a specified amount of images within that time.

25. Big Stock Photo
Big Stock Photo

Big Stock Photo
Big Stock Photo offers a quick sign-up, easy credit purchase and a great selection of stock.

26. Fotolia

Fotolia lets you buy credits and pay per image or subscribe and pay to download up to 25 images a day for a month, 6 months or a year.

27. Image Catalog
Image Catalog

Image Catalog
Image Catalog provides stock images for a reasonable cost and it’s easy to use.

Print Quality Images

These sites offer images taken by professionals for intended print use. They offer the highest quality and the highest cost.

28. Shutterstock

The image quality on Shutterstock has the potential to get you lost for hours. A wide variety and print quality images makes this site worth the high price of admission.

29. 123 Royalty Free
123 Royalty Free'

123 Royalty Free
123 Royalty Free is home to some good quality images and offers two different monthly plans, a basic and a premium. Each one allows you to download a specific amount of images every day.

30. Inmagine

Inmagine is full of beautiful, print quality images. Another pricier option, but if you have a budget it is a good place to bookmark.

31. Jupiter Images
Jupiter Images

Jupiter Images
Jupiter Images offers several different plans, none of them are cheap. Their search draws from a number of other image sites as well, allowing them a wider variety in one location.

32. Acclaim Images
Acclaim Images

Acclaim Images
Acclaim Images carries mainly print and poster quality (priced accordingly). Images can be licensed for web use, however there is are limited timeframe and usage involved.

Now that you have a selection to choose from, get image hunting and use them in your work.

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Check Out the Amazing Growth on Mixx Sun, 21 Sep 2008 00:39:53 +0000 Paige 2008 has been a good year for Mixx, according to they did something right in April and since then they have been experiencing rapid growth.

Yes, I know these results are not 100% accurate, they are still a good example of the growing amount of social media traffic Mixx is attracting. Mixx Analysis

If you don’t believe Compete, ask Alexa.
Alexa Mixx Analysis

Put it in Perspective

For a frame of reference take a look at the stats of Mixx, Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit and Delicious together.

The smaller networks are definitely beginning to gain some power in numbers.

Note: The spike Delicious shows is partly due to the big URL switchover.

Compete Analysis of Mixx, Digg and Stumbleupon

Compete analysis of Reddit, Mixx and Delicious

What caused this traffic increase and will it continue?

Be sure to stop by and say hi next time you log onto Mixx.

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WordPress Post Writing Tips – Pt. 5 Editing Fri, 19 Sep 2008 13:54:51 +0000 Paige No matter how much great copy you write, how many cool images you add, how well you format or how much HTML you know, if you don’t proofread before you publish it is all wasted.

A woman in glasses
For most writers this is a no-brainer, checking your work should be part of the process (as should research).

WordPress allows you to view your posts (as they will appear on your site) while you write and edit them.

This is a handy feature that should be used frequently as you write, format and edit your posts.

Editing Checklist

Spelling mistakes are an instant credibility killer. If your browser doesn’t check your spelling for you, (that means you internet explorer users) cut and paste your text into a word doc and check the spelling before you publish. Save that copy so you have a physical backup of your work too.

What you say can be sheer genius, but if you say it incorrectly no one will listen anyway. Proper grammar is on the decline and while it is important to absorb web trends, it is also important to keep your english simple and standardized enough that it can be read by a larger audience. People reading translated into other languages, handicapped and mobile readers everywhere will appreciate you.

Common Mistakes
We all make them, but when you are writing you have the opportunity to correct them before anyone sees them. Find a funny way to remember them and use it.

Created to emphasize points and separate ideas in writing, proper usage gets your point across most efficiently. Try to avoid excess punctuation, one question mark is just as effective and far less irritating than four of them.

We’ve all heard them our whole lives, do we need to read them too? Before you publish be sure to go on a cliche search and destroy mission.

Formatting Errors
No one speaks HTML as a first language, so expect mistakes. It’s a good idea to check your code as you go along (mistakes can be hard to find), but not everyone can be bothered. It doesn’t matter when you check it, as long as you do.

The Squint Test
Give your post the squint test, when you squint your eyes can you follow the important ideas by reading headers and bold text? Formatting should take into consideration all types of readers, the ones who want to read in-depth about a topic; and those who are looking through your post for the specific bit of information they searched for.

Self Love
Link to yourself wherever possible (within reason), sometimes as you read back through a post you’ll find new opportunities to do so, take them.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to credit your information and image sources. Your proofreading process should automatically include checking for sources.

Consider Your Audience
Ask yourself a few questions: What do you want to accomplish with your post? Sell a product, provide a reference, become popular on social media? If your post is a call to action, does it get your reader there? Read your copy as objectively as you can to see if it accomplishes its intended goal.

Checking Links
This is the one editing step I recommend you do after posting. Check your code when you edit, but wait until you have published the article to check each link. As soon as you click that link (yes, even if you haven’t published) you alert whoever you are linking to. Better to have them come back to your site to find a polished and published piece in which you reference them rather than an error page.

Again, The Reminder
Once you hit save (or autosave kicks in) what you have written is no longer just on your computer, it’s on someone’s server. That’s right, you don’t even have to publish for your words to be out in cyberspace, under someone else’s control. Write accordingly.

This is the grand finale for my wordpress posting tips series, be sure you read all of them to learn how to write the best wordpress post in town.
The Intro
Pt. 2 Formatting
Pt. 3 HTML
Pt. 4 Images

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WordPress Post Writing Tips – Pt. 4 Images Wed, 17 Sep 2008 13:54:28 +0000 Paige A woman in a red sweaterA good image is worth a thousand words, use them to add impact, humor and personality to your writing.

Selecting images that get noticed is an art itself and a few things need to be kept in mind during the selection process:

1. The Internet audience is overwhelmingly male.
2. People are attracted to pictures of people, particularly faces.
3. Studies indicate that even women prefer to see women in advertisements.

I’m not saying add pictures of hot chicks to every post on your blog, I’m just saying for best results, know your audience and be clever in your selection.

What to Look For

That said, here are some tips:

White background - Chances are, the background of your text is white (if it isn’t, it should be). That means an isolated image with a white background will sit seamlessly in your copy, saving you editing time.

Avoid the obvious - Try not to search for the same keyword everyone else does to illustrate your topic. Find a remote association (or add one) and search for that instead.

Be unique - Select images that have the very few downloads; the more times it has been used, the more likely it is to already be associated with another brand.

Keep it simple - One good picture grabs far more attention than 10 of them. Too many images and your post becomes jumbled and distracting.

Where to Find Them

There are an endless number of places to find images online, from free user generated pictures, to professionally taken print-quality photography. Here are a few of my favorite spots to find pictures.

For Free

If you want to use recognizable shots of people from these sites, legally they must sign a release. Bear in mind that the amateur photographer who took and posted the image probably doesn’t have a signed release on file. Especially consider this when posting pictures of children.

Free Stock Sites
Generally offer decent quality stock photos, the selection is never as big as the paid sites, but they are handy on a tight budget. Licensing varies by site and by image, be sure you read licensing info.

Creative Commons
Be sure you understand the creative commons laws and then follow them.

Social Photo Sites
User generated image sites are useful, and many offer an advanced search for images with creative commons licensing. Ask permission and always credit your source.

Google Images
I recommending asking permission to use images, and always crediting the original source.

For a Fee

Paid Stock Sites
Growing in numbers, there are a wide range of these sites, from inexpensive stock photography, to higher-end print quality images.

Professional Photographers
Unique images go a long way in our istock world. Making friends with a professional photographer is a good way to keep your content fresh regardless of your topic.


Your own photos
Depending on your industry this is probably the cheapest option. If you don’t want to source free photos, take and edit them yourself.

How to Edit Them

There are a few essential things to learn when it comes to manipulating images (whether you use a web-based service or software like photoshop).

1. Cropping - Keep images simple, crop off excess so the focus of your image is clear. If you are going to align images to the left or the right of your text, be sure to make them a bit smaller for aesthetic purposes.

2. Padding - There needs to be a buffer of white space between text and images, this makes copy easier to read and looks polished.
tip: if you are using Adobe Photoshop, you can create padding by changing the canvas size about 10 pixels wider and longer than the image itself.

3. Sizing for the page - The size of your images depends on the type of post you are writing and the types of pictures you are using. In the end, they are the accessories, they shouldn’t distract from the words themselves.

4. Saving - Be sure to save your image optimized for the web, (photoshop offers a save for web option).

Now that you know your image basics, check out the other articles in this series for blog post advice, formatting tricks, and some basic HTML. The final chapter will offer editing tips and advice.

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